Hello my dear friends.

Here I would like to introduce you my little travel blog. My name is Martin. I am a 32 years young mate from germany. I`ve been on the road for over 10 years in different countries and on different continents. I collected many impressions and many experiences on my ways. Unfortunately it never went beyond the usual holiday days. Either only 2 weeks or even once a month. And that has long bothered me. So I quit my job at the airport in the summer of 2016. Sold all my stuff and donated my clothes. Said goodbye to my friends and family.

I have spent some time to worry, what route the best and most beautiful would be for me. However I already unconsciously knew that I would like to travel with no concrete plans. So was booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok then drive me to make where the road leads me....


Tips, photos and informations about countries as well as places I will complement gradually.


                                                                                                 I wish you well have fun reading my blog.