Richer by traveling

Why you come home richer after every trip

Money Money Money - And the eternal desire for wealth. Unfortunately, far too often defined, by possessing money and other material things. We are worried about how to finance the next trip. Even if you spend a lot of money on your next trip. I can tell you with certainty that you are richer than before. And this is probably the best investment you can make at all. I am richer in experience today. Have overcome many personal fears. And I have been able to get to know so many different people who have become friends. These are just a few more "possessions" that you will make into your life when you are on the road. I tell you about 11 reasons why you have more in your "pockets" than before.




You will meet new people & new friends for life


When was the last time you were allowed to eat together with local people in Myanmar on the market? Or were invited to a BBQ in Vietnam by a new friend at home? Or have you traveled with people from America, Switzerland, Israel, people from all over the world? Friends you made in Thailand meet in Malaysia. It's awesome. You will meet so many different people, all of whom will have a place in your memories. And you're doing so many great experiences with these people. It enriches your own life by so much. You become more open and you are more friendly towards new people. Your personality grows steadily and the gain of new friends is invaluable.



You will gain an infinite amount of experience


You will, and this is fact, collect so many experiences on journeys as nowhere else. It is, of course, up to each individual to decide which type of trip is preferred. Would you rather spend 2 weeks at the resort, and do some day trips. Or rather travel for weeks, months or even years through world history. For me, it is always very interesting to meet new people and exchange experiences. And the stories you can tell, do it? These are your own. Your own experiences. Incredible. And no one can take it from you.



You manage your own fears


A few years ago, when I was traveling alone in Italy for the first time, I thought, get on a train and see where you land. The fact that I did not know in the morning, where I would spend the next night, had caused me a lot of anxiety. For me this is everyday life when traveling. There is always a possibility somewhere to stay. However, if you start with small steps alone, you are always growing beyond yourself. This is a great feeling and makes you strong for further steps. Or streetfood. I would not have dared to eat from every booth before. It's different today. I do not think about whether this tastes good or not. Try. And you will be able to experience new delicious culinary dishes. Turn off the head. Or you can ride your own motorbike through the city of the million scooters in Saigon. In addition, there is the film here . I'm sure you know the feeling. You really want to try something new. But your head is sometimes full of all the pessimistic and anxious thoughts or blockades. But if you manage to turn this off and dare step by step to bigger and bigger things, you will eventually realize how much you have already overcome. And above all what you have achieved. And that is a wonderful feeling.



You get to know other cultures


Did you know that it is necessary in some Asian countries to celebrate the New Year festival on a day other than the 31.12. But only in February. Or, in general, how many different religious customs there are in this world. There are incredibly many. It is fantastic to see how people with different circumstances have adapted themselves in their surroundings. How different you can live. What you could never have imagined before. Where from? If you do not travel, you will never be able to get to know it. And there seems to be no end. Every corner of this planet can show you so many different cultures. These then even, to share with people of other cultures, is very interesting and personally gives me a lot of joy.



You will experience a new lifestyle


How many different lifestyles do you know? I knew only one of my life. In my home work and life. Now it's already 3. Just traveling is one thing. What is better in life than traveling? For longer or shorter travel time is already a different lifestyle. One without work. Without obligations. Without time pressure. Simply pack the bag and go. You are a stranger in a strange Environment. And another lifestyle is. Working where other make vacation. The saying is already as old as it is true. I only knew this from television. These series are known. Emigrants Returners. Immigrant. What ever. After a while of traveling you get tired of it. If you see many different countries and collect so many impressions, the body and mind also needs a break. Now you can either go back home or take a break from traveling, in another country. I decided to work for a while on a dream island in Malaysia. The best decision at all. You live in a foreign country for a while and learn it so intensively. You live in a different culture. While I do not spend my time on various beaches, I work in a small resort and help with the daily work. And when the time is ripe, it goes back into the far distance. With a few more great experiences in your pocket.



You have all the time in the world


Time is one of the most valuable goods we possess. To realize to have time, gives me such a deep relaxation. You have no time pressure. You also do not rush from date to date. If you travel without a return ticket, you will only notice how much time you have available. And u can do what you want. I once joked with a friend before my trip about it, just sit at the roadside somewhere only during the day and do nothing to do as people watch. Watch the local hustle and bustle and / or maybe just feed a few animals. If you have the time, you can do something like that. And I did it. Grandios. To use the day more or less meaningfully as I do it, everyone must know themselves. But when you realize how precious the time we have and how best to use it for you is fantastic.



You get to know yourself (new)


Before I was not used to travel alone, I also did not really always what to do with myself. I was used to being distracted. Always and everywhere. Be it that I pursue my work. My friends or family met. Sitting on the couch and looking into the tube, playing games or listening to Music. Or one of two hobbies. Only when I was alone on an island in Thailand a few years ago, for a few days, did I realize what potential was in me. What I can do. What I've never done before. What there are for other possibilities. Discover this. Try it out. Eliminate old habits. Using days differently. To realize what you really want and what maybe not. What is better than traveling around. I am very fond of people. But it is also not bad to spend a few days alone. I know these now much more intense, for me personally to use. A positive development, which I owe to my travels. And still today I am always learning myself new. And this is for me personally one of the greatest riches.



You live freedom & independence


For me personally, probably one of the strongest feelings of all. To have freedom, to do and to leave what one would like. Stay in one place as long as you want. Or simply go back sooner, whenever you want. There is nothing better than to realize that you do not have to make any commitments. If you want, you can live into the day. Or plan it through completely. It's up to you. It's hard to describe if you do not know. But you can find that when you travel. Best only OneWay. Or at least for a while. And the best way, in my opinion, is to travel without a plan. You are not dependent on any route. And you do not have to go further if you do not want to. This feeling of independence is much more intense. Anf the feeling of this freedom has so far only come to travel. And it is unbelievable.



 Your personal appreciation changes


For some it is normal to live in their own 4 walls. Daily to get several meals. To wear warm clothing in winter. In summer, have enough water to dispose of. By car or train to work or somewhere to go. There is, at least in Germany, everything you need. Our company makes it possible. If you are traveling, especially in poorer regions, you soon notice that there are people on this planet, which may not have so good. Many know it only from the television. But if you live with the first hand, then that is different. People split to ten a corrugated hut. Or they have to walk kilometers to get fresh drinking water. And that at 30 ° C in the shade. Or children begging for food and drinks in the streets, so as not to starve. These are just a few examples. In any case you get a different appreciation when traveling. You actually realize how good you have it. And realize how bad others are. And how ridiculous it is, what we actually complain about. The level to which we are partially complaining is very high. You learn to settle for less. And, above all, to value more value. If you take this into account, you can at least enjoy your own life, to enjoy some more relaxed. And what does it take to get excited about useless things.



You live your dream


What have you always wanted to experience? Where have you always wanted to go? What corners of this world do you want to travel. By boat across the Atlantic? A complete world trip? Or by bike across Europe? Imagine. You live this dream. You're right in the middle.  And then comes this one day. And you become aware of what you have actually done. What you've experienced. You have fulfilled your own dream. It is unimaginable.A while ago, you could never have imagined that. And now you're right in the middle. And it fills you so much. It makes you so happy inside. What is simply fantastic. Where we come to the last point, the happiness.



You are happy


What does happiness mean? For me personally it is a deep satisfying feeling. This is due to the sum of the various factors that I have just listed here. You are not accustomed to everyday life.You are on the road with new friends. Or with the new love at your side. You just made the trip of your life. You are still in the middle. And / or you are just glad about these many new experiences. And you still have a lot of time before you. It could go on forever. As long as you can make friends with these thoughts. Why not?! We are all responsible for ourselves. And it is your life.








For me, it is traveling which fulfills me. For others it is the family or the hobby or whatever. Personally, however, I have not been able to learn all these wonderful things before. And I find it absolutely terrific on these ways to have acquired my personal wealth. If you have similar thoughts or experiences have made, please let me know. Write or leave a comment.

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