The first step is always the hardest

This great step, can be probably the best in your life.

I would like to share with you my thoughts, which have led me to take the step to travel for a long time. Why did I decide to terminate my job, sell my possessions, and leave everything behind me? What questions, fears and worries have I experienced before? Maybe you've been thinking about it before, and I can motivate you to let that thought blossom.


First of all, the question is. Have you ever thought about whether you want to travel the world for a long time? Or at least a continent that you always wanted to explore. Why not. You make great experiences that you would never make in your life. Once the thought is born, it is very difficult to reject it. Right ?! But the beginning is difficult and proves a lot of courage to finally pull it through.


When I went to study more intensively my plans, I have always read about our own "comfort zone". We are accustomed to live in our everyday life. We follow our daily work. Organize our lives. Going shopping. Meeting friends and family. Etc. Etc. Etc. If we are lucky we can go on holiday once a year for one or two times. To follow our everyday habits again. For me personally came the question whether I would like to continue this lifestyle for the next years. I work an eternity to travel for a maximum of one month a year? My answer was quick. No! So I began to research. I felt in the so-called "Golden Cage". I had as much as I could, but I wanted to break out. I wanted to learn a new lifestyle. Learn about new cultures. See other countries, nature and people. Just get out of the everyday life and into the unknown. To the adventure. To true life. 


The question that was asked me was not how long, but when should Day X arrive in my life. The approximate time was fixed for me. It should be about half a year. From now on, a lot of research was going on. I personally ask many many questions. What expectations do I have of my trip at all? Where should I go? What do my friends, family, and colleagues think of it? How long do I want to be on the road? Can I afford it at all? Should I cancel my job or take a Sabbatical year? How high must my budget be? What does it cost me? What do I do with my apartment? My whole possessions? Traveling alone? Or with someone together? Questions about questions. In order to get a glimpse of this confusion of the question jungle, it is advisable to write down everything and touch it bit by bit. When I think about this in hindsight you are faced with a huge mountain full of problems. Seems so. But it is not. It is normal that all these questions arise. It was also the first time in my life without a return ticket to travel to another Country.


But step by step. The biggest question is, of course, in how far you have to fulfill what obligations at home and / or want. Job, family, friends. These are, I think, the greatest commitments you can have. Since I am childless and / or so-called bird-free, it was not difficult for me to decide to go on a trip. So what keeps me here? Sounds a bit drastic for some. If, however, the desire to travel is so great, you have to make decisions in your life, which may not be understandable for one or the other. For me it was clear to go through this endeavor. I had already met on my previous trips people who did exactly this and would not have regretted a second. For me was also fast to travel alone, since I have already done this experience two times. Although you are never alone, since you will always meet like-minded. However, if you are afraid to travel alone, I can only give you the tip to make a trip alone for a week or two to see if it is for you. Perhaps you also experience this strong sense of independence and freedom during your journey, as I have learned.


So the more I dealt with it, the more I decided to make a so-called complete life cut. This means giving up everything. Everything! Why not. Maybe this is the last option for me. I would regret it, I would not. So I put everything on a card. Whether I am on the road for 4 weeks, 2 months or years, I do not know. Is also not really important in the first place. Rather, what counts you want to travel. Whether you are planning a plan or not, is up to your wishes. First, I organized a sub-tenant for my apartment. My brother could usually move into my apartment. So my biggest concern was clarified. I started to list what I own and what I do not need anymore. Except for very personal things almost nothing more. What do you want to travel with a TV, a couch, CDs or a wardrobe full of clothes? Correct. Nothing. So I donated my clothes to a non-profit organization. I started selling everything from my home. Many online platforms also help you. Only now do you actually realize how much "garbage" has accumulated over the years. All ballast which is not needed on the road. It is not only a liberating feeling to get rid of this ballast, but also gives you a lot of financial help for your journey. In general, you should always have your goal in mind. This means, in concrete terms, what keeps the stuff.  Think twice before you buy something and if you really need it. Maybe you're looking for a second job. As you save money and which tips there are for it, you will also find a lot on the net. At least I do not miss a single thing from my former possessions. Even if you come back one day, you can buy everything again. While I also dealt with research on vaccinations, insurance, etc., it was also my job to cancel. Probably one of the greatest steps of everything. It was very difficult for me to go this way. I had been working for the same company for 6 years. And it would give up my financial collateral completely. However, after realizing that you are actually unemployed in 3 months to go on the journey of your life, you probably have one of the best and most beautiful feelings you can have. It is pure excitement and conjures you a huge smile in the face. The anticipation is now steadily increasing. You have done it. From now are the supposed problems one had before no more. Only next steps to be done. Since I knew from the beginning without a big plan to travel, I had to think slowly synonymous where I will fly first. Do I organize a WorldTicket or One Way? So I did not know up to 3 weeks before my departure where to go. For me it was one way to Bangkok. Alone because it was the cheapest. Everything else made me too dependent. And Asia is probably one of the best backpacker continents to travel there. Cheap and eerily full of different cultures, people, etc.


When you talk about, your desire to travel, with your family, friends, or colleagues, you'll quickly see who is behind you and who can not possibly understand why you should do it. Please never!! let yourself be stopped by your dreams. Some consider it a nonsense to give up a secure job with regulated income. Where we would again be on the theme "comfort zone". If I had been to some of these people, I would never have dreamed of buying a motorcycle in Vietnam and exploring the country for 3 months. Probably one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. After all, you do it for yourself and for no one else. Surely you can not save thousands of euros or Dollars or whatever from today to tomorrow. You do not need that either. There are many ways to save money or even make money while traveling. There are people who travel for years through world history. Younger and older people. There is work all over the world. And the fact to save money of going on a trip to the world for years is also more demotivating than fulfilling. Of course also depending on whether you are ready to work on the road.


I've been traveling for 6 months now and do not regret a single second. You could call it the best decision in my life. The biggest thing is not only that you will get to know so many wonderful people, but also personally will have so much experience that you would never have done at home. It is a huge step you have to take. However, I can assure you, it is the best you can do.


If you have similar experiences, please let me know. Or just leave a comment.


Thank you.

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