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Tips and tricks for your next Holiday

If you like to travel often and regularly, then I do not have to tell you definitely, which can permanently burden your wallet. But if you follow some good tips, make cuts or even be flexible in time, you can save precious coins. And with those you can even think about your next trip again. Nowadays you can save valuable money on almost every trip. Be it by plane, by car, bus or train. In the latter case you should, at least in Germany, plan a few minutes more time. But this only from personal experience.


The search engines help to spit out cheap flights, has long been no secret. They help you find the fastest and cheapest deals. However, despite the apparently cheapest result, you should not strike right away. Always make the comparison directly on the sides of the airlines. This has the following background. The spoiled offers also come from online travel agencies. These buy a certain number of seating contingents at the airlines and sometimes you imagine how cheap they are. And by the way, even worse conditions, as for example luggage concerns. For example, you buy a cheap ticket and when you check in, you will be informed that you can pay for your luggage on it. Congratulations. This is not always true. But compare does not hurt synonymous not. Another advantage to buy tickets at the airlines is that you have a faster contact person in case of delays, cancellations, etc. Mostly then also directly at the airport. In addition, it makes sense to look at Ebay for tickets. There you sometimes have the possibility to buy tickets cheaply from people, who can not exchange them and can not travel anymore. Mostly you then only have a fee for a so-called name change or similar with the airline. In this case, however, you must be very flexible. Because you do not always find your dream destination at the right time.


When traveling by car, you can either use your own, or you can share the route with someone else. You can do this by car sharing, like blablacar. Or even classic. On the edge of the street wait and thumb out. For those who have not tried it yet, it may be a little strange at first. But on trips or other long trips is really fun. You get to know a lot of interesting people. Since it can happen in Malaysia, which even the full mini van with already 6 people persists. The "old" mother-in-law from the passenger seat to the rear seat and the 3 children from the rear seat in the trunk are shipped. A "thank you, we take another" is synonymous completely rejected. And that for pure help. Funny and great at the same time. For train travel you can look for special tariffs. Such as group tickets or special weekend rates.


If you only stayed in hotels so far, you can also look elsewhere. For accommodations, be flexible. Try something new. Like airbnb, couchsurfing, sleeping in the hostel or simply go camping. One or the other was perhaps the last time for a class trip in a common room. But after years, trying to try out a hostel again can lead to some new experiences and even friendships.


Now I would like to give you some tips for booking your holiday or round trip. In doing so, I distinguish between a planned trip or a spontaneous trip. 


You know that. Having holidays but dont know where to go yet. Have you found a suitable destination and even a cheap flight ticket? Perfect. Then nothing seems to stand in the way. Depending on how much time you bring, you can now consider where to go. Would you like to relax on a round trip or just 2 weeks at the beach? Which places or cities do you want to miss in no case. What else can you take with you? Beaches? Cities? Mountains? Forests? Jungle? Make a route on Google Maps. Now you can plan how long you want to stay in at one place. Of course, depending on how much time you have.


If you have decided, you can now look at various hotel search engine offers and prices. And best of all, how you get from A to B. You will always find such information on the web. The search engines give you a certain advantage. They give you not only prices and reviews, but also addresses! Directly from the accommodation. My advice. Search the e-mail address from the homepage of your desired hotel / apartment, etc. and write this time. Tell him when and when you plan to stay, how many times you have been asking for a discount. You do not believe what is sometimes made for great offers. Either you get discounts and / or other additional offers. Whether it is for catering, tours, transfers or similar. For example, I used this method a few years ago in Sri Lanka. And with a stay of about 2 weeks almost 50% compared to the online price saved. If you're looking for a place to stay but you do not find the right place to stay, then you can also search for accommodation on Google-Maps. Just zoom in at the place and look what it is there. Watch and compare online. Not always are guest houses or private providers with the search engines with it. For a longer stay in a Guesthouse or even apartment, you get also more intensive relation to the staff or fellow travelers. You may also become friends with the staff and spend your time with them. If you are also invited by the Family for dinner, you have immediately taken another nice experience. And got new friends.


Alternatively, and probably as the cheapest option, couchsurfing applies. If you are smart before and ask for so-called hosts, you can spend on a couch or even in a guest bed your nights. You will not only get to know new and nice people, but you will always find insider tips. How to celebrate in the best bars of the city. Away from tourist areas, exploring the areas with locals. Or or or. And certainly you will also experience the same or different experiences with other accommodation types. So if you already have a cheap ticket in your pocket, these tricks can save valuable money, in relation to your accommodation.


However, if you are more of a spontaneous, then you do not have to spend tons of money. Let us assume you have 2/3 weeks (or longer) time for your next vacation. Destination no matter? Even flexible in time? Perfect! Here you can really enjoy the search engines. Times so really let it all hang out. Once you can vary your travel destinations. And you can play with the departure and arrival date. Do not necessarily commit to a date. It also helps to look a few days sooner or later. Sometimes the price the next day is even a lot cheaper. Sometimes also somewhat more expensive. Since you have to try just stop and think about whether you want to lose a day or hang. If you want to make a trip, look for round flights. That means you are going to a certain place. But from another again. Like eg from Berlin to Bangkok. And back from Kuala Lumpur. So if you choose spontaneously your accommodation on the way, it makes less sense to briefly mention these personally shortly before as mentioned above. Because they also need some time to react. But you can always try to act on the spot! Best even if you travel in the low season. Often the accommodations do not have the high capacity as at the main season. Therefore every guest is welcome. You can use it. Just ask at the front desk. The employees are usually also somewhere business people and want to make money. So they are more likely to meet you than to have no booked guest. Sometimes you get discount on the room rate or even get one or more nights if you stay longer. And who does not ask who does not win.


All in all, you have many ways to save money. There is also a lot of potential savings from the totality of the individual tips. In summary, you can save on the following tips:


  • Carsharing use, such as blablacar

  • hitch hiking

  • In case of train travel on special tariffs pay attention eg weekend or group tariffs

  • Flights and hotel search engines such as Skyscanner , Momondo , etc.

  • Direct comparison with airlines

  • On Ebay for flight or train tickets

  • To search for a round trip

  • Airbnb , couchsurfing , hostel, guest houses or tents as a cheap alternative to the hotel room

  • Contact the property directly and get non-binding offers

  • On Google Maps for accommodations

 As you can see, there are some ways to save money. There will probably be other good things. But with these I have been able to make my best experiences.

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